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Mass effect 3 mods miranda

The Expanded Galaxy Mod is a Game Mod developed by Kinkojiro and several other modders for Mass Effect 3 which adds to and overhauls many aspects of the game, via new gameplay assets, missions and more. The mod completely revamps the Search and Rescue system — not only can every system visited in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 be revisited on the Galaxy Map, but many of them have new War Assets, items, intel, and more which can be obtained for use onboard the Normandy or during missions. The Normandy herself is significantly overhauled, and adds a new "Crew Manifest" mechanic that allows you to recruit specialists who will offer character bonuses — as well as the ability to bring back any of the other specialists from the previous game as squadmates on certain missions. New armors and weapons including the N7 armor sets from the multiplayer mode can be bought or obtained through the Galaxy Map. Additional missions and Assignments are also added, including a massive rescue mission set during the evacuation of Thessia. Later versions of the mod also pack in the EGM Squadmate Pack , which expand the number of missions ME2 squadmates can be brought on, as well as add a set of alternate appearances for them and Tali.
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Miranda Body Makeover mod for Mass Effect 3

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Mass Effect Miranda Mod

If you play with texmod then I would recommend to press'Or. Apply and Save As'5 Start or load a game. Big thanks to RangerDulann for making installation steps, I was too lazy to write them down myself. Just use the top slider then click apply. Using F12 to bring the menu up changes the current map to one on Normandy's Deck 1 Captain's Cabin , because armor locker in which armor can be found is located there, and because streaming level is on Normandy I might look into fixing it when I get some time. So basically, you are forced to see Normandy map wherever you go, the moment you press F
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Project Variety is a new major overhaul mod for Mass Effect 3 that is available for download

First, to apply my mods you must download and setup ME3Explorer. Here's the setup instructions to get it ready to apply mods: Me3explorer. Clear all jobs before loading another mod and while you can load multiple mods and run them in the same instance, it is better not to the app is still in development and could crash on you in the middle of a massive list of jobs.
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